Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Hovercraft Challenge

 Our Science Club members get the opportunity to participate in some exciting engineering challenges as we promote STEM education at Whiteside Middle School.  For the latest challenge, the students were given 30 minutes to design a hovercraft out of a DVD, balloon, tape, glue, and pop up lid.  The students collaborated in teams of three students.  Once they designed, built, and tested their hovercraft, they had to create an Olympic sport for their hovercraft.  They demonstrated how the Olympic sport would look, described the objective, and determined the rules.  Some of the students' ideas were Olympic Bumper Hovercrafts, Olympic Hovercraft Ball, and Olympic Hovercraft Races.  Some of the students wanted to improve their design, so they took it home and made modifications.  They will be bringing it to the next meeting. and will bring it to the next meeting.  Thanks to Dr. Hamilton and Mrs. Phillips for their leadership and dedication to the Whiteside Middle School Science Club.