Friday, October 18, 2019

Our Last Garden Day of the Season

Our gardening season is over, but we are already making big plans for next year!  We plan on adding another raised bed which will allow us to grow even more vegetables.  Enjoy these photos from our last day in the garden.

Top Ten Finalist for Teacher of the Year: Mike Murakami

We are so proud of Mike Murakami!  He will represent us at the Illinois State Board of Education Those Who Excel award ceremony on Saturday, October 19 as one of ten finalists for Illinois Teacher of the Year. Mr. Murakami is dedicated to his students and works hard to improve their math achievement.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Those Who Excel: Mary Stratton

The Illinois State Board of Education has awarded Mary Stratton the prestigious Those Who Excel Award.  She is being honored for her excellence as an early career educator.  This is a prestigious honor!  Mary will receive her award at a special dinner and ceremony in Bloomington on October 19.  Congratulations, Mary!  You inspire the love of literacy to all your students.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Cross Country Meet in Edwardsville

Our runners did a fantastic job at the cross country meet in Edwardsville!

Friday, October 11, 2019

Mr. MIke Murakami: Those Who Excel

This was taken from the Illinois State Board of Education Weekly News Message:


One colleague remarked of seventh-grade math teacher Michael Murakami: “His commitment to public service is a great example for our students, their families, and other educators.” Michael chose the profession of teaching as a second career upon retiring from the Air Force after 20 years. He is in his 18th year of teaching math and computer applications at Whiteside Middle School in Whiteside School District 115 in Belleville. Michael takes time to assist his colleagues in the form of technical support or other small tasks just to help make their lives a little easier.
His willingness to serve others manifests itself with his students as well. He is known for spending many hours before and after school available to students for tutoring, as well as serving as the director for the drama production each year. A parent observed Michael waiting in line at several early-morning fundraisers to support students and commented, “I think this [support] carries over to the success he has as a teacher. Students are able to see how much he truly cares about them and their interests.”
Michael is one of 10 finalists for Illinois Teacher of the Year, who will be named at the Those Who Excel banquet in Normal on October 19.

Cross Country Race in O'Fallon

Our cross country runners did an outstanding job running at their meet in O'Fallon.  The runners keep improving on their times.

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Top Ten Finalist: Mr. Mike Murakami

We are proud to announce that Mr. Mike Murakami is one of ten finalists for the Illinois Teacher of the Year!  Mr. Murakami will be honored by the Illinois State Board of Education at a special ceremony in Bloomington on October 19th.  The Illinois Teacher of the Year will be named at the ceremony.  Thank you, Mr. Murakami, for all you do for public education.